Ward Johnson, D.D.S. - Aspen Dentistry

The doctor and staff have established the following as their mission and accomplishment goals.

At our office we value our patients health and time. We are an office that is reliable and renowned for great patient communication. We provide a respectful, calm, safe and clean environment. The goal of our team is to become intimately familiar with each of our patients and their individual dental health challenges and to address their primary concerns.

We strive to effectively inform and educate our patients about issues unique to their dental health. With this information we believe they can make the best decisions for themselves. In turn, it is our hope that this knowledge will empower and inspire our patients to take a more active roles in the ownership and commitment to their dental health. Our office believes that a healthy mouth is integral to a healthy body. We have built a professional and compassionate team with the primary purpose of helping our patients feel comfortable while at the same time delivering state of the art, individually tailored dental care. 

The doctor and staff believe:

  1. That the individuals we serve are our first concern.
  2. That a lifetime approach to care serves our patients interests best.
  3. That an environment that promotes the value and dignity of each team member benefits doctor and staff, as well as patients.
  4. In each person bringing their actions into harmony with our organizational value systems.
  5. That the practice should be an atmosphere where all team members grow personally as well as professionally.
  6. In a participating management structure where all members may contribute to decisions for the purpose of attaining a robust, positive office environment.
  7. That we should provide the dental care for patients that we would want for ourselves, with a goal of achieving the best possible long term result in attractiveness, function, and comfort. 

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